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    Oh, woot. I'm now an assistant.
    Umm, now what?
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    I think it's cool that you're not going with the trending phones that most people have. I have a Oneplus 3 myself and every so often I'll get someone ask me "What kind of phone is that?" and then when I tell them they're totally confused by the name. "1 + 3?" ^^ It does mean ofc that I end up explaining that Oneplus is the company every time...
    Hehe, I just love Sucy's dry and mischievous personality.
    Random question but, have you been to any AL meetups at all? Or met anyone on here in person? Just wondering how common it is.
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    I guess I can kinda picture Luke getting that way out of desperation. I can only think of one Tales character in the games I've played that kind of does that (but the reasons for them doing it are different so I guess it's not really the same thing).
    I didn't even know the author confirmed it. I thought it was meant to be one of those things left up to people's imaginations. I admit I kinda wanted him to live. xP
    Maybe I'll go back to watch just the last few episodes of it then. I already read previously what kind of thing happens. I've not seen it but I know how the live action movie ends too, roughly. I've yet to watch a live action movie based on an anime, but I will probably watch the FMA one they're making if it gets good reviews. Have you watched any?
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    I think the crazy amount of tabs is a developer thing. xP I don't want to close things in case I'll come back to them later and I don't want to forget about them. Like I have a tab open for RWBY Season 2 that's been open ages coz I know I'll go back to it at some point - just that point is taking a while to come.
    I take it you mean Zestiria with the dub thing? Glad you preferred it. Dubs aren't that bad, see!
    In my job half the time we end up working a bit past our contracted hours anyway out of choice, in order to get the task we're working on done while it's in our heads. Because of that, they tend to not mind when we other times might leave a lil early, as long as it's not more than half an hour early. We don't actually get paid any overtime though as a result. More just time in lieu.
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    A Windows phone user though? Now that is a rarity. Well, it would be here in the UK anyway - don't really know how popular they are in the US.
    And I'm at episode 6 of Little Witch. I like it so far. Was it you in the thread you made that said you liked Sucy's character most? I'm inclined to agree. xD The art style does seem similar to My Hero Academia, but when I looked it up it didn't seem like there was any relationship between the two at all. /shrug
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    Ah I see. You mean when the character tends to get a bit... carried away. Usually involves maniacal laughter too. I have watched both and love them both. Code Geass I've watched several times and I'm looking forward to the 3rd season they're doing. Death Note is however, a bit of an oddity for me as I've not seen the last 10 episode of so of the 2nd half of it (the stuff with N). I didn't like how they basically just made another L that wasn't nearly as interesting as the original. So I just generally go with 'it ended when L died, Light won. The End. 2nd season didn't happen.' xD
    It seriously is. My stupid phone doesn't realise "ill" is a word. It changes it to "I'll" all the time. Dx
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    Yup I meant Pokemon. And I'd say the same with preferring plot, at least at the moment. Simply because most of the games so far have neglected a proper plot.
    I still have the tab open on my PC for RWBY season 2. xD Among like 40 others mind you.
    In my job it's fairly laid back since the project requirements of what we're working on keep changing and our manager knows that, plus she's nice anyway so it's usually alright. It'll probably ramp up soon though, and especially near the project due date ofc. I imagine that'll involve a bunch of evenings staying later to get things done. x(
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    *waves from across the pond* Oh, guess you can't see me.
    Let's see... *digs out message* WickedWhit sent it and said it'd be to help with clan relations:
    "You would be helping Kitty with communicating with clan leaders and looking for inactive clans as well as any clan ideas..."

    I asked a couple of others and sounded like I'd mainly need to post regularly to keep things going (which I do anyway really so I'm fine with it). Probably wouldn't be able to help much with clan ideas though - I'm not that imaginative. xP
    If it sounds like it's a different job entirely then I'm happy to take a pass tbh - posting I can do, but rounding up different clan leaders just feels like a bit much atm when I've only been here a month.
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    'The incident' works fine for me. Glad you like the goody goody term. I'm not sure how you would pull off losing sanity with the main character though. I get what you're getting at I guess. I thought I had more of a counter argument but I've scrapped it now xP. I guess Cloud in FF7 is an example you would give?
    Apologies if there's any odd words in there btw - doing this on phone and autocorrect loves to intervene when it's not needed... xP
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    I've not heard of any of those you mentioned apart from RWBY which I need to get back to (halfway through season 2). As you're probably noticing by now I get distracted from things I'm watching a lot lol. And yeah I won't hold my breath on the recommendations xP but the offers the all the same.
    That sounds like a job I would hate. I prefer to just be given a set amount of work and be left alone to get on with it (barring any questions for help I need ofc). If there's a night shift for such a role, I take it you deal with international customers too?
    I can say the word, but don't know how it's spelled exactly. Oh well.
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    Which would you prefer? A focus on gameplay and mechanics or a focus on plot?
    Ah, you should try that if you play it again then. The AI is pretty good all things considered but I do remember Jade loving to use Energy Blast a lot which has no element at all (so no FoF). Haha, maybe, maybe. Who do you dislike more atm: Anise or Mikleo?
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    Ok screw it - I'm not managing to sleep tonight with this silly cold so, 5am reply xD. I assume you need to be an assistant before becoming a moderator, more often than not? I was offered an assistant place but didn't get a reply to my message back still, so I guess they're no longer after the help. Sounds like they made you a mod due a lot to you doing a good job with Pokemaniacs. ^^
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    Aww. Sorry to hear that. Boring days are the worst as time passes so slowly. What is it you do, if you don't mind me asking? I'm a junior developer for an online fashion company.
    That is very true with Luke and Guy. That team of 4 just fits. 2 frontliners, 1 mage and 1 healer. Classic party. I had a feeling you were going to say that about Luke being generic after the incident (we're phrasing it that way because we can't be bothered to look up how to spell the name of the place right? xD). I can see where you're coming from - he becomes a bit too goody goody though at the same time it's kind of understandable since he knows he's on thin ice with the others at that point. I dunno, it's hard for me to say tbh. In terms of the plot, the reasons are there, but then the plot could have been changed somehow so that he could have avoided the generic trap a bit more.
    Maybe not losing his sanity though. xD
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    High level spells in Abyss instantly produce a usable FoF so you could try turning off some of the mid-level ones I guess. And yes you can't really use Luke to upgrade the FoFs reliably even with the optional extra artes you can get for him (some of which are elemental). And I agree again over Anise - her part in the overall story is minor and even her little betrayal thing doesn't really cause much to happen (pretty much just Ion being made to read that last fonstone, but I'm sure they could have sorted out another way to have it happen especially with Tear being otherwise incurable and with his own frailty as a replica.
    Blue Exorcist is decent but it's certainly not the best anime I've watched and there are plenty of others I'd recommend over it. You're welcome to my recommendations too ofc, but by the sounds of it you won't need them for a while. What other shows are you keeping up with every season?
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    According to the join date you've been around since mid-last year - is that right? Seems like a short time in which to become a moderator is all. But fair enough about people not being interested (that's a pretty convincing point you made xP). Soul Silver I've played and I loved that, but not D/P/P. Gen 5 definitely had the best character development and story though. X/Y wasn't quite as good in that area from what I can remember and I can't speak for Sun/Moon yet but I hope they continue with having the larger plot behind the games because I do think it makes them more fun to play (to break up the monotony that starts to sink in at some point of going around and fighting all the trainers). I think it was mainly the Pokemon designs that weren't very good from what I heard but it's been ages since then so I can't honestly remember.
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